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Season 1 of How to Help launches on May 10th! Be sure to subscribe to get episodes automatically. Here’s the list of topics and guests coming this season: Finding Your Calling – Prof. Jeff Thompson (world expert on calling and author of The Zookeeper’s Secret) Neuroscience of Altruism – Prof. Abigail Marsh (neuroscientist, TED Speaker, … Trailer • Season 1 Read More »
Summary Do you feel like you have a calling in life? Is there something when you wake up each day that you feel you are meant to do? If you don’t feel like you do, this episode will help you find what you’re missing. We’ll learn from Prof. Jeff Thompson, a professor of management and … Finding Your Calling • Prof. Jeff Thompson Read More »
Summary What makes some people more generous than others? And when it comes to altruism, how do we get more of it? In this episode, we learn about how altruism works in the brain, and the clues are surprisingly found in how psychopaths experience fear. Neuroscientist and professor Abigail Marsh will tell us what she’s … Neuroscience of Altruism • Dr. Abigail Marsh Read More »
Summary If we look, we can see missing hope in all kinds of places. Some parents lack hope because their child struggles with chronic illness, some families don’t even know if they can buy groceries next week, and some don’t even have a home. Throughout his career, David Williams has become an expert in giving … Hope • David Williams Read More »
Summary: “The real trade secret was that there was no secret.” Elizebeth Holmes—Founder of Theranos—raised billions of dollars in startup capital. The entire company failed to produce a functioning technology, putting customer’s lives in danger and defrauding investors. Tyler Schultz recounts his harrowing experience as a young graduate working in one of the Theranos labs. … Blowing the Whistle • Tyler Shultz Read More »
Summary: What does a career look like when its very purpose is to embody character, service, and sacrifice? It looks exactly like the career of military chaplains. Chaplains play a critical role that touch every aspect of military service, from battlefield counseling to advising the highest levels of command. Being a good chaplain means being … Character, Service, and Sacrifice • Chaplain George Youstra Read More »
Summary: “People who were not lacking in capability, but lacking an opportunity” Artisans in the developing world have incredible, valuable skills, but limited access to global markets. From jewelry to baskets, and pottery to blankets, Melissa Sevy creates opportunities for artisans to flourish, providing jobs, fair pay work, and dignity. But it hasn’t been easy. … Resilience • Melissa Sevy Read More »
Summary: You have a superpower, the ability to imagine completely different circumstances than what reality provides. Take a moment to look around; just about everything you see came from the fruits of someone’s creativity. You have the same power, even if you don’t think you do. In this episode, you’ll learn how to expand and … Creativity • Andrew Maxfield Read More »
Summary: Sometimes it’s hard to be the hero. According to research, this is one of the most common dilemmas that people face. Bill O’Rourke will guide us through what intervention looks like and how to stand up to those we work with and know. Notice the skills Bill uses, things like gathering the facts, seeking … Intervention • Bill O’Rourke Read More »
Summary: People spend most of their waking hours working. It’s no wonder that we want to enjoy our work, but that can be complicated. The world is full of dangerous or difficult jobs with low pay. How does meaningful work fit ethically in such a world? In this episode, we’ll learn from Dr. Andrea Veltman, … Meaningful Work • Prof. Andrea Veltman Read More »
Summary: How do we get more money for those who need it? Charity only accounts for less than 1% of all the money globally, and has stayed consistently flat over time. We need more ways to help people prosper. Impact investing is a rapidly growing approach that uses capital markets to solve social problems. My … Impact Investing • Geoff Woolley Read More »
Summary We are surrounded by the fruits of human creativity and innovation. This capacity to improve our world has done immeasurable good. But where does innovation come from and how do we get more of it? Looking back to one of the most potent periods of world history, my guest this week—Dr. Anton Howes—guides us … History of Innovation • Dr. Anton Howes Read More »
Summary If you want to improve yourself and could choose only one trait to begin, you should start with humility. It’s called the “mother of all virtues” because it opens the door to all kinds of personal development. But humility is also sorely misunderstood. It isn’t just an internal attitude about ourselves, but an outward … Humility • Prof. Brad Owens Read More »
Summary On January 4 , Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and CEO of the blood testing company Theranos, was found guilty of defrauding her investors. Listen to Tyler Shultz—one of the principle whistleblowers—reflect on the trial and verdict, sharing a perspective that only he can. About Our Guest Tyler Shultz graduated from Stanford with a Biology … Bonus Episode • Tyler Shultz Reflects on the Elizabeth Holmes Trial and Verdict Read More »
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