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Season 1 of How to Help launches on May 10th! Be sure to subscribe to get episodes automatically. Here’s the list of topics and guests coming this season: Finding Your Calling – Prof. Jeff Thompson (world expert on calling and author of The Zookeeper’s Secret) Neuroscience of Altruism – Prof. Abigail Marsh (neuroscientist, TED Speaker, … Trailer • Season 1 Read More »
Summary Do you feel like you have a calling in life? Is there something when you wake up each day that you feel you are meant to do? If you don’t feel like you do, this episode will help you find what you’re missing. We’ll learn from Prof. Jeff Thompson, a professor of management and … Finding Your Calling • Prof. Jeff Thompson Read More »
Summary What makes some people more generous than others? And when it comes to altruism, how do we get more of it? In this episode, we learn about how altruism works in the brain, and the clues are surprisingly found in how psychopaths experience fear. Neuroscientist and professor Abigail Marsh will tell us what she’s … Neuroscience of Altruism • Dr. Abigail Marsh Read More »
Summary If we look, we can see missing hope in all kinds of places. Some parents lack hope because their child struggles with chronic illness, some families don’t even know if they can buy groceries next week, and some don’t even have a home. Throughout his career, David Williams has become an expert in giving … Hope • David Williams Read More »
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