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This is a little newsletter about making a life and career with more meaning, virtue, and impact. Each issue shares small and big ideas for how to improve the world around you.


Good at Work Past Issues

The Good at Work newsletter was replaced and renamed. Here are the archives of the Good at Work issues.

Aaron Miller


A resolution for better ideas Physically speaking, we are constantly becoming new people. Our stomach lining replaces itself every five days. None of the skin cells we have now will be there in four weeks. We’ll have a completely new liver in a year or two. Even our bones will replace every cell in them

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Aaron Miller

You Share What You Love

A lesson from tax law and chocolate When I was in law school, I took Corporate and Partnerships Tax. It surprised me by becoming a favorite class, in large part thanks to the professor. Prof. Neeleman wielded a superhuman understanding of the tax code, the kind that you couldn’t stump with even the most obscure

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