How to Help

Every single day, you do something to help other people. It might be family members, coworkers, customers, neighbors, or even total strangers. Helping is just part of who you are, because helping is part of what it means to be human.

But discovering the best way to make the most difference isn’t always easy.


The How to Help blog, by Aaron Miller

I’m Aaron Miller. I’m a professor of social innovation, nonprofits, and business ethics at Brigham Young University. I’m fascinated by how all of us can be better helpers. And so that’s what this podcast is all about. This season I’ll be talking with people who can teach us a thing or two about helping, through their research, experience, or example. I loved every conversation, and I’m confident that you’ll enjoy them to.

How to Help is for everyone who wants a life and career with more meaning, virtue, and impact on the world and people around them. You can listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, or learn more at how dash to dash

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Aaron Miller

The Dangers of Philanthropy

Last week, we looked at the important role that philanthropy plays in a vibrant economy. It recycles wealth, creating new opportunity. But philanthropy’s economic power is only part of the story. Massive philanthropy, after all, comes from massive wealth—and the power that comes with it frequently scares the public. Even back in Rockefeller’s days, the country aligned itself against his effort to create a foundation. That distrust of wealth continues today. Philanthropic villains still get regular coverage, like the Koch brothers by the left, and for the right, George Soros.  In his book, Just Giving, Stanford sociology professor Rob Reich makes a case that large-scale philanthropy poses a

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