Helping is part of what it means to be human. But, it isn’t always easy to turn your intentions into impact.

How to Help is for everyone who wants a life and career with more meaning, virtue, and impact on the world and on the people around them​.

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Not My Thing

Why I stopped believing in bad taste. note: This will be the last edition of Good at Work, but not the end of my weekly newsletters. Beginning next week, I’ll be launching a new name and

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Empathy is Messy

Rethinking the trait we all want more of Some questions to consider: Have you ever helped someone in crisis, but felt perfectly calm and collected while doing it? On the other hand, have you ever

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Business is Mostly Cooperation

Competition is just part of the story Aaron Miller I’ve taught business ethics now for 14 years, and I’m surprised over and over by just how disproportionately business students value competition. To be sure, they’re

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The Dangers of Philanthropy

Last week, we looked at the important role that philanthropy plays in a vibrant economy. It recycles wealth, creating new opportunity. But philanthropy’s economic power is only part of the story. Massive philanthropy, after all,

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Summary: Sometimes it’s hard to be the hero. According to research, this is one of the most common dilemmas that people face. Bill O’Rourke will guide us through what intervention looks like and how to stand up to those we work with and know. Notice the skills Bill uses, things like gathering the facts, seeking…

More About Aaron Miller

I’m a professor of social innovation, nonprofits, and business ethics in the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University. I’m fascinated by how all of us can be better helpers.

My work has included advising millions of dollars in charitable giving, developing ethics tools for US Special Operations Forces, and mentoring dozens of social impact startups. With my friends Brad Agle and Bill O’Rourke, we wrote The Business Ethics Field Guide, based on five years of research into hundreds of ethical dilemmas that people face at work.

I live in Provo, Utah where my wife, Katie, and I do our best  to raise four teenage boys.


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